The Georgia State Bowling Council Sponsors the

Each Georgia state bowling organization president appoints 4 people to serve on the Georgia State Bowling Council. 

Georgia State USBC WBA

Sharon Rich
Vicky Rawlins
Mary Ann Compton
Linda Gunnin

Georgia State USBC BA

 Wayne Clark
Charles Griffin
Joe Spain
Lloyd Britt

Georgia State USBC Youth

 David Checkle
John Topper
Judy Britt
Eileen Checkle
The members of the Georgia Bowling Council elect officers each year in January and they take office in August
The present officers are:
Vicky Rawlins , President
David Checkle , VP
Judy Britt, Secretary
. Eileen Checkle, Treasurer
Honorary Member of Council - Linda Proctor


Calendar of Georgia State Bowling Events

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